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World Suicide Prevention Day

On Thursday 10th September was World Suicide Prevention Day and this comes with a lot of questions like:

Why do people commit suicide?

What if someone close to you commits suicide? What would you say or do?

Are you checking for suicide tendencies among your relatives, staff, or associates? Are you taking time to really get into their worlds or you just assume they're OK?

Sick leave is allowed at the workplace but employers won’t take staff battling depression seriously. Mental health is not even acknowledged at all in our society until the person is totally mad.

Not everyone who says "I'm fine" is really fine. Not everyone who looks well is truly well. Not everyone who appears great is really great.

It takes little things to help that person out of that trauma. Yes, little gesture because it doesn't mean much to you. But to the one experiencing it, their world at the moment depends on it.

In conclusion, check on somebody today. Think about them, say a prayer for them. If need be, reach out to them. It’s those little things you do for people in their moments of distress, before they summon the courage to ask for it, goes a long way. And the problem is THEY MAY NEVER ASK until that voice takes over them to commit suicide.

The time and resources you will need to bury them and to clear the mess they leave behind will be too much compared to the little rescue they need at the moment.


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