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Curbing The Rape Culture: Aderonke Omo Dairo Joins The Battle

In the last 7 days, we have seen the hashtag #WeAreTired trend on all social media. Nigerian women also took to the street in protest against rape & sexual violence. This was due to the gruesome death of 22-year-old student Uwaila Vera Omozuwa in Edo -- and the rape and killing few days after Barakat Bello & Azeezat in Ibadan.

I was on two different radio stations in Ibadan, Space FM 90.1 & Lead Radio 106.3, where I talked about rape.

Joining the conversation on social media as well to express my displeasure.

Victim-blaming rhetoric is still pervasive in most cultures, but when will it end? It doesn't matter what she is wearing; rape is never her fault.

Stop begging women for sex in the hopes of wearing them down.

Leave those things of “just the tip”.

Consent can't be given by someone underage, intoxicated, or fearful for any reason. 

If you have sex with anyone under these circumstances, you are lower than snake’s shadow. Having had sex previously isn't consent either and neither is anything women wear.

Only cavemen still say “but she was wearing provocative clothes”.

Get your ass out of the bush... Still not asking for it!!

On Tuesday, 3rd June 2020, a Kaduna State High Court sitting at Dogarawa Sabon Gari Zaria convicted one Usman Shehu Bashir of Dogarawa area to death by hanging for raping a baby that was 2 years 9-month-old to death.

Osun State Assembly took a step towards curbing this rape issue as well by reviewing and amending sexual violence law.

Hon. Debo Ogundoyin; Speaker of Oyo State Assembly promises Public Hearing during the next sitting which is dated 11th June 2020.

These are what our cry on social media, street, and on-air is able to change so far about Rape & sexual violence.  

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